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World Kidney Day

IPNA Supports World Kidney Day



IPNA wants to promote education and screening in children with kidney diseases all over the world.

Kidney Day is a wonderful opportunity to achieve this goal. Each year, IPNA organises a contest to encourage such an action by providing USD 5,000 to the pediatric nephrology center(s) from a developing country throughout the World.
Call for 2023 proposals (closed):
The submission deadline has already passed, and we cannot accept any further proposals for the IPNA WKD Contest 2023.

World Kidney Day 2023 – Kidney Health for All

Preparing for the unexpected, supporting the vulnerable!

The significant impact of disastrous events, be they local (earthquake, floods, war, extreme weather) or global (the COVID-19 pandemic), affects the functioning and living conditions of the community as a whole, by definition resulting in one or more of the following consequences: human, material, economic and environmental losses and impacts.[1] Those affected by chronic disease, of which kidney patients represent more than 850 million people worldwide, are particularly affected by these disruptions, as the ability to access proper diagnostic services, treatments and care is greatly jeopardized.



Past World Kidney Day’s

World Kidney Day 2023
World Kidney Day 2021
World Kidney Day 2020
World Kidney Day 2019
World Kidney Day 2018
World Kidney Day 2023
Developing a Plan for the care of Pediatric Kidney Patient in a High Risk Region Randall Lou-Meda
Urine Dipstick at Hilltop School and Float on Kidney diseases KNUST Medical Students Association / Christopher Asseliga
Strive for healthy kidneys Dr. Kalaivani Ganesan
World Kidney Day 2021
Educational and screening program Nodira Murtalibova, Uzbekistan March 11, 2021
Care of a Child with Nephrotic Syndrome Lt Col Dr. Suprita Kalra March 11, 2021
World Kidney Day 2020
Educating parents and children together for prevention of kidney diseases Dr. Girish Bhatt, Bhopal, India March 12, 2020
SAARC Pediatric Acute Kidney Injury Consortium – Prospective study on incidence and risk factors for ‘Severe Pediatric AKI’ – Achieving 0 by 25 Dr. Azmeri Sultana, Dhaka, Bangladesh March 12, 2020
World Kidney Day 2019
To increase the awareness of kidney disease Dr. Alfonso Huante, Mexico March 23, 2019
World Kidney Day 2018
KEM hospital in conjunction with IPNA Dr. Suprita Kaira, India March 8, 2018

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