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IPNA Online – International Pediatric Nephrology Association
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What we do

IPNA has created a diverse and impactful series of initiatives to support the education of healthcare workers and globally improve the care of children with kidney disease.


ABOUT the programs

IPNA programs are impactful and have international reach.

IPNA has created a diverse and impactful series of initiatives to support the education of healthcare workers and globally improve the care of children with kidney disease.

Find out more about our initiatives below:

Pediatric Nephrology Training Training of healthcare workers in the care of children with kidney disease is a primary goal for IPNA.

Multiple opportunities exist for healthcare workers to gain, knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the acre of children with kidney disease.

IPNA Junior Master Classes

IPNA Junior Master Classes are designed to provide high yield education for international early career nephrologists leveraging the expertise of world experts in pediatric nephrology.

IPNA junior classes
Fellowship Program

The IPNA fellowship training provides international learners with an opportunity to receive funded training in established pediatric nephrology centres endorsed by IPNA.

Fellowship program
Teaching Courses

Teaching courses are opportunities for healthcare communities to work directly with world experts on pediatric kidney disease, and increase capacity for providing care for children with kidney disease.

Teaching courses

ipna journal club

The IPNA Journal Club extends education in pediatric nephrology onto social media.

The IPNA Journal Club, which operates under the handle @IPNAJC, is another initiative that brings the global community of health professionals and patients together to discuss cutting edge research in pediatric nephrology.

IPNAJC is free to join and open to the community on Twitter. Visual abstracts are created around specific journal articles and published online. Sessions occur in multiple time zones over two days, are moderated, and the discussion is distilled into a summary that is posed to the IPNA website.


List of the ipna programs Collaboration and innovation are keystones to IPNA’s work.

IPNA collaborates to encourage new knowledge generation and support emerging programs in the care of children with kidney disease.


The IPNA registry is an international collaboration pulling data from all continents on the care of children on peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis, and pre-dialysis chronic kidney disease. The registry is used to identify bench-marking for providing pediatric care, and for identifying best practices using centre or region specific outcome data.

IPNA Sister Program

The IPNA Sister program pairs a pediatric nephrology centre providing advanced care, with an emerging centre building a program in pediatric nephrology. Through collaboration and shared resources, sustainable care in undeserved areas of the world can be realized.

IPNA Sister Program

Joint projects IPNA participates in collaborations with other organizations that share IPNA’s mission.

IPNA’s collaborations include initiatives to promote international education in kidney disease for patients and health care providers, and to bring attention to policy makers about the importance of supporting kidney health, particularly in children.

IPNA supports the World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day is a global effort to raise awareness about kidney disease. IPNA supports this program through funding of short term awareness campaigns in emerging countries.

IPNA supports the World Kidney Day
Health Volunteers Overseas

Health Volunteers Oversees is a program that through IPNA support, enables healthcare workers in developing nations to improve the heath of communities.

Health Volunteers Overseas
ISN-IPNA Collaboration

ISN and IPNA share many common goals. Through this vital collaboration, IPNA works alongside ISN to increase the awareness and support the care of communities impacted by kidney disease.

ISN-IPNA Collaboration

Becoming a member of IPNA means belonging to a community devoted to improving the health of children living with kidney disease.