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IPNA Online – International Pediatric Nephrology Association
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Become a Member

Share our vision and join IPNA today.


ABOUT Membership

The International Pediatric Nephrology Association includes over 1,800 members from 119 countries.

Today, approximately 85% of children with end-stage renal disease die due to the unavailability of renal replacement therapy. This can be improved by education, prevention, research and advocacy.

IPNA Membership provides resources to improve the care of children with renal disease all over the world.

IPNA and all regional societies (AfPNA, ALANEPE, ANZNPA, ASPN, AsPNA, ESPN, JSPN) offer a combined membership adapted to support local resources and provide several benefits (please see the benefits below).

In 2024, we are delighted to announce substantially reduced fees for members from low and lower-middle-income countries

Membership in numbers

sponsored members from developing countries
attendees at the IPNA Congress in Calgary, 2022

Who can become a member

IPNA membership requirements

  • A member may reside anywhere in the world.
  • A member must have an active interest in pediatric nephrology and be medically qualified.
  • Members of Regional and/or National Pediatric Nephrology Societies will be eligible for IPNA membership.
  • All individuals seeking membership will apply directly to IPNA. Read the IPNA Constitution

IPNA Membership Categories

IPNA’s annual memberships are valid from January 1 until December 31.

Choose the subscription that suits you the best in the table below and follow the link.

Should you have any question or problems, do not hesitate to contact ask at


Choose the subscription that suits you the best:

IPNA Membership

This subscription is a regular single subscription and it does not include the combination of any regional society’s membership.

You can choose whether you prefer to receive the printed journal every month to your mailbox or if you are happy with the online version of the journal.

Subscription Fees:

Online only: USD 110
Printed Journal: USD 175

Online only: USD 110 Printed Journal: USD 175
IPNA and Regional Society Membership

You can get valuable combined membership with any of the seven regional societies. It comes with the online version of the Pediatric Nephrology Journal or with hard copy if you prefer to receive the printed journal.

Apply for IPNA Combined Subscription

Please note that European, Japanese, American and Australian-NZ societies collect the combined membership fees though their offices:

Combined membership with African, Asian and Latin America society is done though IPNA Membership.

IPNA Nephrologist in Training

Nephrology trainees from all countries are eligible for free membership of IPNA until they complete their training program or commence working as a consultant nephrologist.

Information Required:

  • Nephrology Program Supervisor’s Name, Email, Phone Number, and Institution.
  • Current Year of Training and Anticipated Completion Date.
  • Confirmation from the Supervisor, validating the Trainee Status.
Download the template

Application Process:

  1. Complete the online application form.
  2. The application undergoes the approval process by the IPNA Secretary. Please note that our review process takes place monthly.
  3. Upon approval, we will promptly send a membership confirmation to the email address you provided.
Emeritus Members

Emeritus Members are any active member who has retired may request a transfer to Emeritus Membership.

The criteria for such applicants are:
• IPNA should receive the cover letter and CV of the applicant
• Applicant should be a member of IPNA in past 10 years

Reviews for Emeritus status are done twice per year after June 1 and December 1 and are normally forwarded to the IPNA Executive Committee for its consideration and approval.

If you would like to apply for Emeritus status please fill in this application form. If you have any questions contact IPNA Office –

Honorary Members

IPNA Honorary Membership will be provided to individuals who have retired and have made outstanding contributions to Pediatric Nephrology. IPNA Honorary Members are proposed by the Regional Societies and stay IPNA member without paying the membership fee. An Honorary Member shall pay no registration at the next IPNA congress and no annual fee thereafter, he will not be eligible to vote in any election.

Candidates should be proposed by IPNA members to the IPNA council ( using the application form and accompanied by a letter of support and the CV of the candidate. IPNA Awards committee will rank candidates according to the pre-defined scoring system and will present results to the IPNA council, which will make the final decision by a secret vote.

A maximum of one Honorary Members per region can be selected at the time of each IPNA congress.


IPNA membership provides significant benefits and cost savings

Access to Pediatric Nephrology Textbook (2022)
  • ​On-line access to Pediatric Nephrology Textbook (2022), Editors: Francesco Emma, Stuart L. Goldstein, Arvind Bagga, Carlton M. Bates, Rukshana Shroff
Exclusive access to selected recordings from the IPNA Congress 2022
Free access to the ISN Academy
  • Free access to the ISN Academy, the official eLearning portal of the ISN
Discounted rates
  • Substantial reduction in registration rates for IPNA Congresses
  • Special rates for other events and congresses
IPNA Membership certificate

Issued per request. Please contact

Journals with free access
Opportunities within IPNA Community

You will be an integral part of our global community and thus keep up to date with the latest outcomes in pediatric nephrology, events and congresses, workshops, new book releases.

We welcome the opportunity for you to share research, clinical accomplishments, news and updates from your region as well.

As an IPNA member, you can become an organizer of an IPNA teaching course, allowing IPNA to support kidney education and clinical development in your region.

  • Opportunities for global educational programs, networking and sharing resources.
  • Join committees involved with junior mentoring program, sister renal centers, tackling nephrology issues in low-resource settings and many more
“Members-only” areas
  • Access to “Members-only” areas of the IPNA website
  • Educational materials from IPNA Teaching Courses and Junior Classes
  • Video presentations from IPNA Teaching Courses
  • Other educational resources
  • Full access to Pediatric Nephrology Journal and other journals
  • Membership Directory coming soon
25% Textbook discount

On all English-language Springer Books.


Agnes Alarilla Alba Pediatric Nephrologist, Philippines

My IPNA experience is very rewarding. I was able to participate in the webinar and it really came out loud and clear. We are truly thankful for the IPNA assistance given to our teaching courses. The Philippines is composed of several islands and kidney advocates from the Northern to Southern islands converge every year to get an update from our IPNA supported courses and spreads it to their own areas thereafter. We also would like to thank IPNA for the immediate response to queries, quick replies and assistance.

Marina Khvan Pediatric Nephrologist, Kazakhstan

I very appreciate all initiatives taken by IPNA for spreading the knowledge in recent advancements and best clinical practices in pediatric nephrology globally, especially for sharing the material of the last IPNA Congress, giving the access to the Pediatric Nephrology journal and recently implemented IPNA webinars, all of which are of a great help for us, pediatric nephrologists from Kazakhstan. It helps us to stay up-to-date and deliver better management in our daily clinical practices.

Tamara Borysova Pediatric Nephrology, Ukraine

It is important for me to be a member IPNA.

I am grateful that I can solve my professional interests thanks to IPNA.

Becoming a member of IPNA means belonging to a community devoted to improving the health of children living with kidney disease.

If you have any questions or concerns about the membership, please contact IPNA Office.