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IPNA Online – International Pediatric Nephrology Association
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Ways to give

SAVING CHILDREN’S LIVES is the impact of your gift.


Here’s How You Can Support Healthy Kidneys

You can make an impact on global kidney health in children by supporting IPNA’s philanthropic priorities. Your donation will further strengthen our community medical systems around diagnosis and treatment to address the gap in healthcare in developing nations. IPNA receives no government financial support and relies on individual donors, grants, and sponsorship.


Benefits of donating

Improving the health of children with kidney disease with early diagnosis and improved treatment.

Supporting teaching and training of medical professionals in developing countries.

Building capacity to treat kidney disease in underserved parts of the world.

Saving children’s LIVES is the impact of your gift.


Pays for two memberships, and $1500 pays for 20, doctors from developing countries to receive IPNA membership benefits and resources.


Helps to fund a teaching course to train doctors in developing countries.


Pays for one IPNA fellowship for 12 months.


Supports doctors traveling to disaster areas to treat kidney issues in children.

As a philanthropist, you may be looking for a project that closely matches your own passion, ambition, expertise, and life story. Everyone is different, and we will develop a tailor-made approach for you.

Our flexibility will allow you to have the maximum impact. Please contact ipnafoundation@theipna.org to review opportunities.

IPNA Giving Opportunities

Regardless of how you give, saving children’s lives is the impact of your gift.

Cash Gifts

Your cash gift will immediately be a positive impact for IPNA programs.

Gifts of Stock

Through your gift of appreciated securities, you will receive a tax deduction for the fair market value to the extent the law allows.

Named Endowment or Grant

Designated for a specific IPNA program to be named for someone either for a set year or in perpetuity.


Leave a legacy by including IPNA in your will or trust or make a gift of estate, stock, or charitable annuity. Tax benefits vary depending on the type of gift.

Commemorative Giving

Many of our donors celebrate personal achievements, anniversaries, and birthdays with a personalized gift. Please consider making a gift “in honor of” or “in memory of” a loved one, colleague, or friend.

Foundation & Corporate Giving

IPNA matches organization goals with opportunities aligned to our priorities.

Workplace Giving

Consider a workplace giving campaign and a matching gift program as part of your corporate philanthropy to encourage employees to make charitable contributions.

Sponsor a Member

There are 194 nations in the world, yet only 60% have IPNA members treating children with kidney disease. For $150 you can sponsor two new members who will receive this valuable resource.

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Developing Partnerships

We are looking to develop relationships with foundations, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and brands that are willing to work with IPNA to educate families, promote early diagnosis of kidney disease and improve the treatment of the children affected by kidney disease.


Participate in outreach and education programs in developing nations.

Raise funds to support patient-family education on dealing with kidney issues.

Support training of medical staff in under resourced regions.

Thank You!

IPNA is committed to nonprofit transparency and has proudly reached the Silver Transparency Level on GuideStar, a charity watchdog service. The GuideStar database includes about 1.8 million IRS-recognized tax-exempt organizations in the US, and less than 1 percent of these organizations have reached this Silver Transparency Level.

At IPNA, we know that there are millions of ways that you can spend your charitable dollars to help good causes around the globe. Support IPNA and know that your generous gift in any amount is being used responsibly to further our mission.

For more information about an IPNA donation, please contact us.

Donate to advance
IPNA’s mission!

A donation in any amount will help us further our mission. Our approach is saving the lives of children with kidney disease all over the world. Help us strengthen and expand our programs to better support nephrologists, who can then teach and train their colleagues in the countries where children with kidney disease need us most. Your support now is critical, so please donate today.


Support Healthy Kidneys

With your sponsorship, two pediatric nephrologists from a developing country will receive full IPNA membership benefits and access to resources.

Amazon Smile

Shopping on Amazon? Select the IPNA Foundation as your charity of choice through AmazonSmile. Amazon will donate to the fight against children’s kidney disease every time you check out!