Member sponsorship program

Sponsor a Member

With your sponsorship, a pediatric nephrologist from a developing country will receive IPNA membership benefits. If you would like to sponsor a doctor from a developing country with IPNA membership for one year, please complete this form and follow the instructions as indicated.

To Sponsor a Member by check, simply include your check with the completed form and mail it to us.

To Sponsor a Member via bank transfer, you will need to complete the form and send it to us, so we can accurately process your gift. The bank transfer information is included on the form. You can mail the completed form or send us a .pdf to

To cover the cost of a Member Sponsorship with a credit card, complete and return the form. You can mail the completed form or send us a .pdf to

Click here to process your gift with your credit card now!

Member sponsorship program

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IPNA is committed to nonprofit transparency and has proudly reached the Silver Transparency Level on GuideStar, a charity watchdog service. The GuideStar database includes about 1.8 million IRS-recognized tax-exempt organizations in the US, and less than 1 percent of these organizations have reached this Silver Transparency Level. At IPNA, we know that there are millions of ways that you can spend your charitable dollars to help good causes around the globe. Support IPNA and know that your generous gift in any amount is being used responsibly to further our mission.