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Dec 09, 2021

Virtual IPNA-PCRRT-ICONIC Workshop

Dear Colleagues,

Please save your date for our next IPNA-PCRRT-ICONIC ‘Virtual’ Meeting to be held on ‘Procedures in Pediatric Nephrology & Kidney Transplantation- Basic & Advanced’ on 22-23 Jan 2022. The virtual two-day meeting shall deal with Basic Procedures which we as Pediatric Nephrologists do everyday in our lives to Advanced skills. Advanced skills would include cases where we get stuck with a biopsy gone wrong or a malposition of a catheter and more. We shall also discuss more advanced procedures which a Pediatric Nephrology trainee should be aware of including Basics of Nephropathology, Urine microscopy, Cross-Matching techniques and Basics of Robotic Kidney Transplantation!

Learning Objectives:
- Point of Care Ultrasound in PICU
- Point of Care Ultrasound in Clinic
- Temporary HD Catheter Insertion
- Permacath Insertion
- What to do when catheter insertion goes wrong?
- Ultrasound Guided Kidney Biopsy
- What do when Kidney Biopsy goes wrong?
- AV Fistula Doppler Assessment
- Apheresis Technologies
- CRRT- Troubleshooting
- Continuous Flow Peritoneal Dialysis
- Apheresis Techniques
- Urine Microscopy
- Nephropathology: Basics
- Fundamentals of Cross Match
- Robotics in Pediatric Kidney Transplant

Meeting Website
Registration Link

Meeting Registration shall be free for all current IPNA and ASPN Pediatric Nephrology Fellows. E-Mail at for the Fellows Registration. 


Dr Sidharth Sethi, Medanta, The Medicity, India
Dr Rupesh Raina, Akron Children's Hospital, USA

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