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Mar 20, 2024

Obituary notice: Professor Julio Toporovski

Prof. Julio Toporovski

Dear members, 

IPNA deeply regrets the passing of Prof. Julio Toporovski, one of the founding fathers of pediatric nephrology in Brazil. 

During his long career, Prof. Toporovski served and accompanied thousands of children and adolescents, offering comprehensive care and support to families throughout successive generations. His tireless dedication to the profession was evidenced not only in his clinical practice, but also in his commitment to teaching and training future healthcare professionals. It is worth highlighting his enormous effort in the interaction between clinical and pediatric nephrologists throughout his career.

Prof. Toporovski left a lasting legacy by instituting a law that guarantees mothers the right to monitor their sick children’s treatment in hospital units across the country for 24 hours. His vision and leadership were fundamental in turning this project into reality, benefiting countless Brazilian families.

In 2016, IPNA recognized Dr Toporovski’s relentless work for children with kidney diseases with the Lifetime Achievement Award.  

To family, friends and colleagues, our deepest condolences. May his legacy endure and his memory be a source of comfort and inspiration to us all.”

Best wishes

Franz Schaefer

IPNA President

Author IPNA Office

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