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Apr 30, 2024


The International Pediatric Nephrology Association (IPNA) is seeking nominations for the President-Elect (2025 – 2028).

According to the IPNA Constitution, ARTICLE 8:

8.3 The Nominating Committee shall present up to two candidates. The election of the President will be undertaken by the general membership of IPNA by a simple majority of those voting.

8.4 The Nominating Committee will strive to retain multiregional representation for IPNA officers.


This is the official call for nominations for the above vacancy. The nominee needs to accept to serve in the position if he/she is selected and to prepare a position statement as part of the nomination package which should include the following materials:

  • A brief CV of no more than two pages.
  • A position statement of no more than one page, explaining the nominee’s plan/vision to steer IPNA to the next level, how this will contribute to IPNA’s overall growth, and serve members’ needs.
  • Challenges faced by the society and the nominee’s ideas for tackling them.
  • A list of previous experience within IPNA and other professional organizations, along with relevant achievements (no more than one page).

President-Elect will become part of the IPNA Council officially from January 1, 2025.  

Criteria that will be validated are following:

  • Experience in IPNA
  • Involvement in IPNA Committees
  • Experience in regional society
  • Strength of vision
  • Educational achievements
  • International Networking (other regions / adults / other disciplines / industry)
  • Academic achievements

The mere satisfaction of the minimum eligibility by a nominee does not guarantee that the nominee will be in the ballot. The list of candidates for inclusion in the ballot will depend on the judgement of the nomination committee based on nomination materials.

The nomination materials should be compiled into PDF files and sent to the IPNA Office at office@theipna.org by June 30, 2024.

Eligible candidates will be invited to make a presentation at the next IPNA Council Meeting, scheduled to be held on Monday, September 23, 2024 (time to be announced), in Valencia, Spain.

If you have additional questions about the nomination process, criteria, or documents needed, please contact Prof. Dr. Elena Levtchenko at e.n.levtchenko@amsterdamumc.nl.

Elena Levtchenko

On behalf of IPNA Nominating Committee

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