Prepared guidelines

Guidelines & best practice recommendations

Overview of guidelines & recommendations currently under preparation or planned by ESPN and/or in conjunction with other societies in the field of Pediatric Nephrology

Disease group Clinical guidelines, recommendations, position papers currently prepared or planned
Acute Kidney Injury  
Nephrotic syndrome

Steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome; IPNA; coordinator: Dieter Haffner;

Congenital nephrotic syndrome; ERKNet; coordinator: Olivia Boyer-Guillon;

Treatment of FSGS relapses post-transplant; ESPN idiophatic nephrotic syndrome & transplant WG; coordinator: Marina Vivarelli; 

Hereditary /immune mediated glomerulopathies  
Thrombotic microangiopathies  
CAKUT & Urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections (diagnosis & therapy); ESPN CAKUT WG & ESPU), coordinator: Ann Raes;

Renal dysplasia; ERKNet; coordinator: Max Liebau, Giovanni Montini    

Ciliopathies, e.g. ARPKD, ADPKD, ADTKD, TSC, VHL  

X-linked hypophosphatemic rickets: a clinical practice recommendation; ESPN inherited kidney disease WG, ESPE bone and growth plate WG, ERKNet etc. (10 Eurooean Societies/networks); coordinator: Dieter Haffner;

Bartter Syndrome; ERKNet; coordinator: Martin Konrad, Francesco Emma;

Cystinuria; ERKNet; coordinator: A. Servais

Metabolic nephropathies and stone forming disorders  
Obstructive nephropathies Obstructive uropathies; ERKNet; coordinator: Max Liebau, Giovanni  Montini
Enuresis and Lower urinary tract dysfunction  
Pediatric chronic kidney disease & dialysis

Vascular access for hemodialysis, ESPN dialysis WG, coordinator Rukshana Shroff;

Clinical practice recommendations for use of GH in children with CKD; ESPN CKD-MBD, Dialysis & Transplant WGs, coordinator: Dieter Haffner;

Position paper on the use of cinacalcet in children on dialysis, ESPN CKD-MBD & dialysis WG; coordinator: Justine Bacchetta;


Clinical practice recommendations for bone evaluation in pediatric CKD, ESPN CKD-MBD WG and EUROD coordinator: S. Bakkaloglu;

Clinical practice recommendations on the management of CKD-MBD after renal transplantation in children; ESPN CKD-MBD & Dialysis WGs, coordinator: Dieter Haffner;

Guidelines under preparation by the Renal Nutrition Taskforce:

Managing protein-energy requirements in children with CKD 2-5D

Dietetic management of calcium-phosphate in children with CKD2-5D

Vitamin and mineral requirements in children with CKD 2-5D

Delivery of the nutritional prescription (gastrostomy tube feeding)

Dietary management of potassium in children with CKD 2-5D

ESPN Renal Nutrition Taskforce in conjunction with ASPN, coordinator Rukshana Shroff;

Lipid apheresis in children; ERKNet; coordinator: Claus P. Schmitt

Pediatric transplantation

CMV infection in pediatric renal transplantation
EBV infection in pediatric renal transplantation
ESPN transplant WG & IPTA, coordinator Burkhard Tönshoff;

Perioperative care in paediatric renal transplantation; ESPN transplant WG, CERTAIN & ERKNet, coordinator: Lars Pape;  

Renal neoplasms Monoclonal gammopathies of renal significance; ERKNet; coordinator: P.Ronco, J.Wetzels
General aspects/ methodology

Nephrogenetic Diagnostics; ERKNet; coordinator: Nine Knoers

*this list contains only multinational projects

Prepared guidelines