Sep 30, 2022

ISN-IPNA – “Across the Lifespan” Joint Webinars: Ethics in Pediatric Nephrology – a Global Perspective

There are many ethical issues that arise in the care of people with kidney disease, including access to renal replacement therapies, benefits and burdens of chronic care and resource allocation. In pediatric nephrology the ethics become even more complicated, since parents and other caregivers are often tasked with making difficult and life altering decisions for their children and families, with less evidence and less certain prognoses than we have for adults.  There are huge disparities globally in the type and amount of resources available to these children and families, with much of the world having little to no access to the tools that are common in high income countries. This webinar will introduce participants to many of the ethical issues in modern pediatric nephrology through discussion with a global group of pediatric  nephrologists with expertise in ethics and resource allocation. We will also introduce a compendium of video resources available to those wanting to learn and explore more.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To discuss the concept of shared decision making in pediatric nephrology
  2. To explore how resource access and allocation for children with kidney disease is managed in different parts of the world
  3. To introduce participants to the growing pediatric nephrology ethics compendium being housed with the ISN

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