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Mar 06, 2023

IPNA-ESPN Junior Master Class 2023 – Call for applications (extended deadline)

Hurry up – we will extend the deadline until May 24th and some onsite places are still available!

Dear Colleagues,

We are very happy to invite you to our IPNA-ESPN Junior Master Class for Junior Classes – Fourth Cycle. This year, we are planning a new course in Vilnius (Lithuania) on September 26th  and 27th,  just before the 55th ESPN congress. This first module will especially be dedicated to fluid and electrolyte disorders, imaging in paediatric nephrology, embryology, CAKUT, UTI, voiding dysfunction, genetic diseases with kidney involvement, and transition in Nephrology. This IPNA-ESPN educational program is specially designed for ESPN junior members, residents in paediatrics, paediatricians with a special interest in paediatric nephrology, fellows in paediatric nephrology, and young paediatric nephrologists. The whole program includes three meetings in three consecutive years, the full attendance will allow the achievement of the IPNA-ESPN Master in Paediatric Nephrology. A CME certificate will be delivered after this meeting, also for the ones who were not able to accomplish the complete three-year cycle. For 2023, we plan a preferably onsite course, allowing the best teacher-student interaction and more fruitful discussions. For the ones not able to attend in person, due to extreme distance or other significant reasons, online participation can be planned. The preliminary scientific program is already available, please visit ESPN and IPNA official websites.

This is a great educational offer, do not miss it!
We will accept up to 100 applications.
ESPN membership is mandatory for this course acceptance.

For application procedure and program details, visit the Congress website and submit your application as highlighted on the REGISTRATION page, filling in all the compulsory fields (Information required birthday, country of origin, hospital of origin, duration of training in paediatrics and paediatric nephrology), and do not forget to upload a short CV.

New Deadline for applications – May 24th, 2023.
Acceptance will be communicated by June 1st, 2023.

With our best wishes,
Prof. Rezan Topaloglu
Dr. Ana Teixeira  
Author Prof. Rezan Topaloglu, Dr. Ana Teixeira

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