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Sep 23, 2021

Invitation to the NephGen Master Series

The NephGen Master Series is an initiative to highlight the original and intriguing journey from Renotype to Genotype. Faculty from multiple specialities like Nephrology, Genetics, Immunology will come together to decipher this ever-growing branch, highlighting the co-ordinated team approach. The “case based” bi-weekly format promises to keep it interesting while offering recent advances and its practical office based application for the entire spectrum of Genetic renal diseases.

22 Sept – 30 October, every Wednesday & Saturday 6-8pm IST

See the brochure here.

Why a Webmaster series on the subject of Nephrogenetics ?

More and more human maladies are recognized to have a genetic component. A British survey which included more than one million consecutive births, showed that the frequency of individuals younger than 25 years of age who develop a disease with an important genetic component was 5.3%.Estimates of genetic disorders in India are an astounding 70 million. Approximately  64 out of every 1000 live births are likely to develop a disease with a significant  genetic component. This results from a multitude of factors. India encompasses 17% of worlds population with extensive ethnic diversity and  comprises of multiple endogamous groups. These communities widely practise consanguinous marriage traditions which leads to accumulation of rare deleterious variants.

The molecular genetic approach has become a very strong tool in the armamentarium of modern science especially with development and accessibility of  whole-genome sequencing (WGS) or whole-exome sequencing (WES).The field  of medical genetics is   revolutionalizing the clinical practice and helping to  realize the long-sought goal for personalized or precision medicine. Hence the knowledge of elementary genomics and genetics as applied to the human medical genetics field is becoming indispensable for the current and next generation of medical clinicians and other medical practitioners

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